Grace Temple Convent

The local church is undoubtedly the most pure volunteer organizations in addition to being labor-intensive. At GTCC we strive to produce faithful disciples who are service oriented. We believe that successful church grown is determined by the number of disciples produced that are engaged in ministry.


The GTCC ministerial staff consists of 5 ordained elders; one of which is the Executive Assistant Pastor, and another being the Youth Minister. All of our ministerial staff members are responsible for major department operations.


The GTCC Administrative staff consists of a Business Administrator, Chief Financial Officer and Secretarial staff; all of whom are oriented toward giving service in a way that glorifies God. In Luke 10: 2, Jesus observed that the harvest was plenteous, but the numbers of available laborers were few; so He commanded us to pray that the Father would send forth more laborers into the Lord’s vineyard. At GTCC we are always seeking and encouraging more volunteers to come into the Lord’s vineyard to serve. We welcome additional workers on our staff.