Grace Temple Convent

Grace Temple Covenant Church began as a vision and dream of Dr. Tommy J. Crosby, after he had founded a bible institute known as Grace Temple Ministries Bible Institute. This vision was further confirmed by prophecy and divine manifestation of the Lord, as God moved in power through people to bring the vision to pass.

The Lord spoke to Dr. Tommy Crosby and told him that he was going to receive what his father had desired most in his ministry but did not live to receive it, because he desired to have peace with his brethren.

In a matter of days the Lord manifested Himself through signs and works to prove that He had ordained this work in the city of Garland, Texas. The church held its first Sunday service on March 25, 2007 with Dr. Tommy Crosby as the senior pastor and his brother, Elder Larry Crosby as the Executive Assistant Pastor. Approximately 25 – people attended the first service. The spirit of God did fall mightily upon that group, giving His approval of the gathering. Souls were saved and souls were blessed. From that service the church began with approximately 20 charter members pledging their support to the new ministry work.

Since then, the church has grown spiritual and numerically to new heights with presently 75 to 100 members. The church endeavors to project the convictions of a Word-centered with right ingredients.

Under Dr. Crosby’s leadership the Grace Temple Covenant church which began in a storefront building of approximately 2,000 square feet in Garland, Texas, has re-located to its present location in a 25,000 square feet facility.