Grace Temple Convent

We are a young but dynamic, small but growing, family Church united by Spiritual rebirth ties that reach out into the community to affect individual souls. We believe that our kingdom assignment is to be a life-giving church, target focused on building the kingdom of God. We are Word-grounded, with our main priority being that of glorifying God. We celebrate the redeeming love of the God of all creation, with a lively, unapologetic Pentecostal flavor.

At GTCC, we faithfully strive to be culturally relevant by producing disciples with effective ministries through the empowering of the Holy Spirit. Our vision is to strive to keep things simple at GTCC, so you can come as you are. We believe that our atmosphere of love and acceptance allows the Holy Spirit to transform you into a new creation through your worship experience. We’re the Right Church, because we have the “Right Ingredients.”

The church has presently re-located in a 25,000 sq. ft. facility with a nursery, kitchen, fellowship hall, learning center and office space. Visionary plans are already under way to begin a summer feeding program for at- risk children, initiate an adopt-a-school program, school-based mentoring program, and teen pregnancy counseling center as part of GTCC’s future outreach ministry.