Grace Temple Convent

Speaking Engagement Request

Dr. Tommy Crosby has over 35 -years of pastoral experience in the Church Of God In Christ. He pastored one church for over 27 years and another for over 6 years. He is currently the Senior Pastor and founder of Grace Temple Covenant Church, which was established in 2007 along with his wife and brother. He has been married to his wife Lola Crosby for over 30 years with three children all grown; Lisa, Kevin and Michael.

Dr. Tommy Crosby’s education background is in Psychology and Theology. He has a Bachelor degree in Psychology, Master’s degree in Theology, and a Doctor of Divinity degree. He is a mentor of ministers and disciples who desire to make an impact on the Kingdom of God. He has mentored many who are currently pastors, and is a Holy Ghost filled, anointed teacher, guest speaker and lecturer. He has been the featured speaker at numerous banquets, conferences and men’s rallies sponsored by Promise Keepers. Dr. Crosby has written several leadership workbooks and has published at least four of his books which are currently available. “Profile of A Nation”, “When God Plays His Song”, “Who Was This Man?”, and “Knowing What To Do And When To Do It.”

Dr. Crosby established Grace Temple Ministries Bible Institute in 2000 with 13- students, and it has steadily grown. His goal was to equip students through biblical training to become successful in their ministry, by providing affordable training to them. The school has influenced and trained many pastors, ministers, missionaries and church workers in biblical knowledge.

God has rewarded the faithful leadership of Dr. Crosby by positioning GTCC for greater works in the community, family, and lives of people since the inception of his vision for the church. And while the best is yet to come, Dr. Crosby’s personal motto is, “If I Can’t Help You, I won’t Hurt You”.