Grace Temple Convent

It is in loving, not being loved that the heart is blessed; and it is in giving, not in seeding gifts that we find our quest.  At GTCC we believe that you can teach more with your life than with your lips.  The women’s ministry at GTCC is a coordinating body that addresses the social and spiritual needs and concerns of the total woman.  We do this through bible study, prayer support and genuine fellowship.  At GTCC our ministry is open to all women who desire and expect a change in their lifestyle.

From our praise dancers to our greeters; from our SHEROES, to our Women of Excellence, to our Young Women Christian Council; all are important assets to the GTCC Women’s department ministry.

Come join us and be a part of our growing ministry.  I can guarantee you that you will receive a smile and a BIG hug from the First Lady when you show up at the Church with the right ingredients – GTCC.